Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30 Tyres Available in Great Barr

Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30


Vantra ST AS2 RA30

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3PMSF mark enables safe driving throughout all four seasons, with impressive snow and ice performance as well as smooth summer driving.

Long Sipe Length- Long sipe length enhances snow performance.
Optimised Sipe- Optimal sipe length for snow performance.
Optimised Pitch- Optimal pitch arrangement improves snow performance.
3 Wide Aqua Channels- The application of straight grooves to improve wet performance.
Open Shoulder Groove- The open shoulders help water evacuation and wet performance.
Chamfer Sipe- The contact area is widened which instantaneously improves handling performance.
High Stiffness Block- Highly stiff intermediate blocks enhance braking performance.
Optimised Wide Tread- 4% more ground width to improve handling performance.
Sidewall Protect- Strong sidewalls to protect from road damage.

Tyre Size Fully fitted price:
Size 16 Tyres
Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30 225/65R16 112/110R D D 73
Hankook Vantra ST AS2 RA30 235/65R16 115/113R D D 73